Booking Policy

Thank you for your inquiry and interest into Jamie Massey Ministries. To assist us in the process, please complete this form and return it to us. We will review your request in conjunction with Pastor Jamie’s calendar and contact you as soon as possible.


Airline tickets will need to be provided for Pastor Jamie. We will make the flight arrangements on our end (upon your approval) and will submit invoice for reimbursement upon receipt. Where distance allows (less than 4 hours), she will travel by vehicle and an invoice will be submitted for reimbursement of travel expenses prior to departure date.

Although Pastor Jamie does not require a minimum honorarium, we do ask that a love offering be received for her for each service. We respectfully request an agreement that the offering be given to Jamie Massey in its entirety at the close of the meeting(s). Please note that all travel and lodging expenses are to be considered separately from the offerings. {If you have a predetermined honorarium, please notify our office prior to engagement.} Checks should be made payable to Jamie Massey Ministries and given to her personally.

We request a King Room (non-smoking) for Pastor Jamie. Please select a hotel with an inside corridor.

Meal arrangements can be made closer to the time of ministry event dependent upon the ministry schedule and plan of sponsoring organization. Due to her voice restrictions, we do request that bottled water be provided in her room and at the ministry location.

We ask that tables be made available in order to offer her product for sale during the entire ministry event. Product will be shipped prior to ministry engagement and should be left unopened until our arrival.

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If you are in agreement, please fill out the form by clicking on this link

Thank you again for your interest in having Pastor Jamie.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at :

Jamie Massey Ministries
P. O. Box 2093
Duluth, Georgia 30096 

Phone: 770-491-7071
Fax: 770-492-0301
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