Project India

Children have become victims of poverty, abuse, war, child labor, and disease. An overwhelming number of children are abandoned, orphaned abused and live on streets. The global orphan crisis caused by AIDS is set to get worse as infection rates in adults increase according to a major report from UNAIDS. The current HIV crisis orphans more than 35,000 children every single day, literally, creating a worldwide epidemic of Homelessness and abandoned children.

Nothing is more heart breaking than the thought of children with no one to care for them. There are now over 143 million orphaned or abandoned children in the world today.
Burdened by this knowledge and need, Nations for Jesus and Jamie Massey Ministries offers a dynamic approach to confront the orphan problem through establishing church based Hope Centers. Hope centers are established to deliver children from economic, physical, social and spiritual poverty, enabling them to become model citizens.
Hope Centers provide children with residential care, medical care, counseling, spiritual development, educational and vocational training.

When a Hope Center is constructed, it then becomes a catalyst for the local church to share God’s love and compassion with the community, city or region. The Hope Center becomes the hub of Hope in the area, with various outreach activities radiate from the physical structure to the community.

Help provide the children's day-to-day food, clothing and basic medical needs with your gift of $25, $50 or $75.

Help provide the new children's home, including the construction, equipment and furnishings, with your gift of of $100 or more.

Help provide the cornerstone funding for construction of Hope Center with your gift of $1000 or more.