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Julie    02 July 2012 23:20
it was a enjoy to visit your website

Julie http://www.ronflements-solutions.com

Tania    05 April 2012 00:37
Thank for your site!

Tania from http://www.achat-or-argent.info

nancy    03 April 2012 13:34
Hearing the truth of how awesome and good and faithful our wonderful God is--through your testimony-has given me renewed strength today to give Him my all, submit to His Spirit, and resist the lies of the evil one. Hallelujah, what a Saviour!

Cathy Ledford    02 April 2012 22:20
Hi Jamie,
I want to tell you how blessed I felt when you prayed for me this past Saturday @ Suncoast Worship in Englewood,Fl.(I made the chocolate covered cherries) I am here to purchase your video that sold out so fast that day I didnt get a copy!! May the lord continue to bless you and your family.

Pastor Ravi Daniel    08 October 2011 08:43
" Freely you have received, freely give " (Matthew 10:8)
"And I will give you pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and
( Jeremiah 3:15 KJV)

Dear Friends in Christ God bless you ,Our Church and Ministry team Working in Pakistan for preaching God message and
reached unreached people of Christ.
And we are working in Pakistan with many homes Churches in Villages and other outreach areas of Pakistan.We are Preaching
The Gospel in Unreached&Rural areas of Pakistan,
Although We have not Religion Freedom in Pakistan,You Know Pakistan is Muslim Country,Christians are suffering .
But our Lord Jesus Christ always Helps us,
The Harvest is plentiful,But the worker are few, Luke 10-2
And in Our team we have many Pastors, Evangelists, Choir, Bibles Preacher team, Outreach team .
We want you come in Pakistan and Minister them and We Invite to you for Crusades , seminars and Revival meetings and
Sharing Gospel.
Dear in Christ we are a team working in Pakistan.And in Pakistan we need your working, missions in Pakistan.We want reached all Pakistan with message of God and also we want your seminars ,meetings and Crusades through this work we reached thousands of Christ People Souls.And our team also arrange many Revival Crusades.
We want your working missions and plan in Pakistan .
We want
Dear Friends in Christ "Every thing is possible in the name of God"
And God call you and your ministry in Pakistan.
Dear in Christ we need working together as parts of one body of Christ.
And you know God is our tree and we are Branches of God tree.
We want working in unity and please let's start working together in Pakistan.
We want Evangelism in Pakistan ,Church Planting in poor and unreached areas.
We are poor worker of Christ please take seriously our message and lets working together in Islamic country and according to
words of God
"Go and Preach the Words of God to all over World "
And yes we want preaching the words of God in unreached areas.And believed through this process Gospel spread all Pakistan and many accept Christianity .
I believed that you will come in Pakistan because you want spread Gospel .

We hope you
"Understand our people feelings and hope with your work"
Understand our feelings,
Praise the God.
"Thousands of Christ people waiting you in Pakistan"
Pakistan needs Jesus and it was among the Christian that I found air I could breathe and peace that was real.

We want that you can come and preach to poor people of Christ and give a spirtual food to your people of Pakistan we have a many thousands house Churches.
Christ is Coming Soon! Time is Running Out Fast! Win Souls for Christ!
We want your reaching Gospel Mission seminars, Crusades,and Prayers meetings, in Pakistan and we want reached together
and work together in Pakistan as parts of one body of Christ we want reached unreached people of Christ with Gospel \ message
of God.
We need spreading the words of God and mission , Plans , projects , Church Planting , Tracts Distributions , Schools ,Taining
Centers , and other your
current Mission in Pakistan .And we want working together as a one unit and work as a Christ team in Pakistan.
If you are unable to come than how you can help us? Prayer Support. Send your friends for Revival Crusades & Seminars
Financial & Moral support Through religious materials or other things as you like. If you are able to help our people in anyway
please do not hesitate to sown a seed and do it for the work of God and join us for revival in Pakistan. We canít give you any reward for your help, we only pray for you, but our Lord will give you reward from the doors of haven. We request you to please remember our team in your daily prayers that almighty God will use our team only for His glorious work. We can give you more information on your reply.

Pastor Ravi Daniel
And all Our team
from Pakistan.
Phone # 0092-3157032005.
We hope you send your response very soon
Praise the God

Artie Palermo    23 September 2011 16:32
Hi, Jamie. I heard you speak at the "Crown Him King" retreat in Orlando, FL, 9/17/11. I have since read your book and am greatly blessed and encouraged by your story. Praise the Lord that he cares about the wounded. God Bless You.

Cecilia L. C.    25 August 2011 09:00
I greet you in the name of Our Lord & Saviour, Jesus Christ. Whom by His Grace allows us to be called "Christian" as we in obedience,to His Will, desire to follow in His footsteps.

Oh! how I love Him, and truly want to be more like Him.

Thank you for affirming through the spoken, prophetic word,what Jesus,is now confirming daily in my life.
Without your prayers and affirmation, I may not have seen His Will to serve a community, that truly requires an advocate.

Persons, who are tormented by an illness that they may not understand. They often feel very helpless and abandoned, because so many humans,for various reasons,still exhibit very little or no love, compassion and tolerance toward mental disorders.

Please keep Bermuda and its people in your prayers. We will continue in prayer for you and all those who serve with you, who love, encourage and guide souls to seek and accept Salvation.

"To God be the Glory"

I thank Him daily for providing a covering of His Grace upon us. Equiping us for Service. (Eph.2 8-10)

Debbie hartwig    15 August 2011 20:44
I heard yout testimony and it was great. You are a gem of light to people who need you.

Kaeden    13 July 2011 23:12
I raelly wish there were more articles like this on the web.

Myrna De La Rosa    17 May 2011 02:21
What a great God to cross my path with Jamie Massey's, I know your ministry is a blessing to many because you are blessing like no other in my life!! All the glory to God, forever!!

Marcie Davis    27 March 2011 02:37
Hi Pastor Jamie! I had the pleasure and honor of hearing you speak at the Blairsville Church of God Woman's Meeting on 3.26.11 and I am so blessed to have been a part of it! You are such a wonderful woman of God! You prayed for me and I experienced the Holy Ghost and it is something I have never experienced before! I needed your message on Hurts...it touched me in so many ways. I will keep you and your
ministry in my prayers and I pray you have safe travels! May God continue to bless you!
With much love & gratitude!
Marcie Davis

Pastor Praveen    01 March 2011 12:44
Dear Jamie, I was so blessed to see your website and ur ministry work and stories. God Bless u and your work. Please pray for my ministry with Children,pastors and olders.

website:- www.gracechildrenministries.webs.com

derdestim    19 February 2011 05:49
very good site

hassox    14 February 2011 04:56
You have a lot of information on this site useful to me. Thank you from Turkey

Bri    19 September 2010 06:06
Heard your testimony. You are a true blessing!

Carolyn Cook    07 June 2010 00:31
Jamie, I am so blessed to have you in my life. God has used you & Pastor Victor in a powerful way this past year thru the Mentoring program, counseling & Life Church to bring me into a greater measure of WHOLENESS & FREEDOM in Christ

Kathy C    20 May 2010 00:09
What a WEEKEND! My first time in an all womens revival. My first time in any revival that is Spirit filled. I am still floating on the praise and God's presence!! The Word was so timely!!!
I love it!!!! Thanks Jamie for bringing us revival.

Tessa Brannon    20 March 2010 19:09
Are you the one that has a Cd of Song of Solomon?

Connie ANNA Newman    13 January 2010 19:30
I saw You today on Daystar..WOW..Jamie you are awesome and THE REAL Deal..I need to Fast this year seriously..THANKS FOR THE PUSH ..IVE always wanted a mentor..ID be a good one as IM a leader ETC..IM 55+BUT YOUNG Thanks 4 Your Service...You make me wanna get BZ 4 HIM..I feel the same as you do about Mentors..You spoke 4 me

Kim Sitton    11 January 2010 05:15
Jamie, You were just here tonight in Weatherford and I have to say you were such a blessing to us! Thank you so much! You are an inspiration to me!

Carmen Claudio    19 November 2009 00:30
I want you to know you are always in my mind and God is calling me in so many ways to work for his glory. Jamie, I surrendered to him. I always remember that night you came to Cleveland, Ohio and God used you and worked his power thru you specially for me. That tells me how much he loves me!!!! And that I was never alone. Now I see it clearly. AMEN!!!

Myrna De La Rosa    19 November 2009 00:27
Just a note to remind you that I appreciate you so much; your example, your dedication, your focus, your consistency, your love for the Lord are shaping my life and the lives of many! I thank God for you! I wish EVERY blessing upon you and your family.

Karen Hatfield    14 November 2009 23:58
Dear Jamie, I attended both services at the Women's conference @ Rodney Pike COG this weekend.Wow!! The Holy Spirit was definetly there. I feel He has touched me and I thank you for your obedience and for preaching The Word. I'm blessed by being there. I pray God will protect you on your trip and bless you work in Israel. I pray His protection on you! Your Sister in Christ, Karen Hatfield

Sabrina Burch    27 October 2009 19:52
Hey Sister Jamie,
I wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed both services on the cruise. You did an awesome job!

Diana    01 October 2009 19:38
Dear Pastor Jamie,
First and foremost I would like to thank you for the wonderful conference this weekend. I was so blessed and I know that the ladies I sat with received blessings too.

Denise    01 October 2009 19:28
Wanted to thank you for the opportunity to come participate in the mentoring
conference. It truly blessed me in ways that are hard to describe. Already God is moving in mighty ways. In My quiet time, He alerted me that a door would open that would surprise me, and it did and has. I know you will be interested in this...! We have a young lady that ministers to prostitutes downtown at our midtown church location. She has
several and shared with me last night that they need a place to meet and they want to do a bible study. She told me what they really want to do is have mentors! There you have it!

MARY ANN ADKNS    30 July 2009 04:40

Angel    16 April 2009 17:57
Jamie we are still reaping the benefits of the revival with you in Cleveland last month!! Be encouraged your prayer partners were right! Revival has come and we are anticpating what God has for us! God Bless!

Valerie    02 April 2009 02:54
Jamie I seen you this past weekend at Christway for the Women's Conference. I just wanted you to know that I totally enjoyed hearing you speak. God bless!

Carmen Claudio    17 March 2009 17:00
Jamie God bless you. God really uses you in a very special way. I'm so glad I participated in the womans conference down in Cleveland Ohio, God really spoke to me and transformed my life. I will always keep you in my mind God Bless you and your family.

Frieda Rosemond    23 November 2008 03:32
Awesome web site Jamie. You have touched so many lives with your ministry. I'm so proud of you.

keijo    10 October 2008 08:32
Joy and joy for the hearts pure ecpereince and peace and life in Jesus who will flow from him to us and from us the world even today and see the light who the lord gave to us will shine on our whole area where we will live,thank for you kind site ,be blessed and used of Lord and pray too,keijo sweden

Apostle Paul Johnson    02 October 2008 21:04
Jesus Christ is the Lord in the World wide TODAY, FIXED EYES ON HIM.

Chantelle Henderson    02 September 2008 19:40
Pastor Jamie,

I just wanted to stop by and say that over the years you have ministerd and poured so much into the lives of so many women and one of them is me. Your message yesterday about Dry Bones was TRULY life-changing, giving new perspective and calling forth ministries, purposes, and the body of Christ as a whole out of their tombs. You are an anointed and powerful mouthpiece for the Kingdom, and not just to women but to the Body of Christ. Thank you for being obedient to the call.

Teresa Parsley    18 August 2008 21:59
I was at your conference in June 08, at the PottersHouse in Columbus Ohio.
Thank you for being such a great example for women in the Kingdom. I;m chasing God with all my heart, and desire to see you again soon. You encouraged me about getting my feet wet in ministry, I had told you about my history with prostitution and drug addiction, I'm doing well and hot for the Lord and pray for you often. Thank you again for being an Obedient woman of God,
Love Teresa

Evangelist/Pastor Ad    18 August 2008 08:28
Greetings from Pakistan!
Hello Pastor Jamie Massey.I am blessed to see your website and see the glorious work you are doing for LORD JESUS Christ.Jamie Massey is a blessing and a gift to today's Christian women around the world! Her encouraging message of God's love and hope along with her leadership mentoring ministry equips women to be overcomers and tommorow's leaders. And You will the great encouragement for Our Pakistani Women.We will do pray for you to God make a for you to God here in PAKISTAN.I can clearly see what is in your heart and the vision of the ministry right on the homepage. It is wonderful to see what God is doing through Jamie Massey Ministries!
We welcome you to come here in PAKISTAN. And also bless the Land of Pakistan in the name of Jesus Christ.
Please feel free to contact with us.
E-mail address:-

Christina Emrick    20 July 2008 21:28
God Bless your wonderful ministry.

Heather Scott    27 April 2008 19:43
I was at the convention center this weekend in Chattanooga, TN when Jamie was speaking. She is so motavational. Her messages this weekend was out of this world. I am so thankful for her to speak to me at this retreat.
Thank you, Jamie.

Lillian Madiye    14 April 2008 12:38
Kindly send me christian books and other inspirational books that you might have to help me in my spiritual life.l desperately need these books yet they are so expensive here and we have a foreign currency shortage and economic hardships here in Zimbabwe which means l am not able to buy them from other countries.Even second hand ones will do and your unwanted ones.Thank you for your assistance.May you prosper in the spirit as l also prosper through
these books.Thank you for everything in Jesus name.

keijo    22 March 2008 07:28
And this are no difference about between women and men in Christ even today, so be glad and find peace and harmony in him with fire that win the lost to salvation,pray too for blessed revival soon,thanks and bless and very good hope,keijo sweden

George Holman    18 February 2008 22:09
I really like the look of your new website, and the direction God is leading you! Be obedient to His calling and He will continue to bless you and your ministry beyond measures. I am praying for you!

In HIS Grip,

John Wesley Pace M.D    06 February 2008 13:16
Great Look on the new website. Get ready to take your ministry of deliverance and restoration to the nation. God Bless You.

becky green    05 February 2008 23:23
Great web site! I'm so thankful for your ministry. Many many women that you have mentored are mentoring others and are set free from their past. I'm praying for and explosion for your ministry in 2008......

Omari Lukuko and Geo    05 February 2008 20:21

My wife and I always thank the Lord for you.

We pray that the Lord may use this website as a tool in order to build people up spiritually.

You are really a blessing for us and for the Family World Ministry.

Nnennaya C. Anyaebos    05 February 2008 17:17
I am proud of my pastor, Pastor Jamie Massey. I enjoy her teachings and I am proud of her! I thank God for the many lives that have been touched by Pastor Jamie and I thank God for the places and people(s) she is yet to reach.

Francina J. Pace    05 February 2008 12:01
Women of God, the Lord has done JUST what he has promised. I love the NEW website and I believe it will be a wonderful tool that helps you to extend across the nation to take life to those that are lifeless.

Love ya,

Patty Riddle    04 February 2008 22:03
I love the web site ! It is quite obvious that God is expanding your borders. You are truely a woman of God and a great ambassador of His. Your ministry has been a great blessing to Women United Ministries and I pray that God will continue to bless you and yours. I pray that our paths will cross again, but until then we will pray for your ministry and you.
Patty Riddle

Donna Hamilton    04 February 2008 20:01
Jamie - Thank you so much for your ministry to women. Your Mentoring Program has been such a blessing in my life and I'm excited to see where God is taking me in ministry.

Melissa    04 February 2008 18:43
Jamie Massey's ministry impacted me January 19, 2008 at a women's conference at my church. God called me AGAIN as he has for many years to a pulpit ministry. This time I accepted that call and stepped into my destiny in the Lord. Since that time I have stepped out in faith into my ministry. God is pouring His Spirit out into my life in ways I have never experienced before. Thank you so much for your obedience Jamie!

Shannon Bell    03 February 2008 01:48
Jamie Massey is a blessing and a gift to today's Christian women around the world! Her encouraging message of God's love and hope along with her leadership mentoring ministry equips women to be overcomers and tommorow's leaders. Thank you, Jamie, for giving.

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