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Would you like to be a part of a world-wide mentoring program where...

  • You connect with mentors across the world to gain ideas, encouragement, and insight
  • Yearly opportunities for seminars, fellowship, and re-fueling occur
  • Receive quarterly newsletters with a word from Jamie, Timely tips for mentoring, Q & A section, and more!


Our Mentoring forum has room for discussions, prayer requests, and praise reports can be shared across the world.

We are always reaching out to connect with other like-minded believers who are making an impact in other people's lives and we would love to hear from you by sending us an email or contacting our offices!

If you are interested in networking with other mentors, we need to hear from you!


Mentoring is not a new concept. It has been practiced throughout the ages, both informally and formally: informally, as in the realtionship of Moses with Joshua, and formally, like Elisha with the school of the prophets. Jamie has written a dynamic mentoring program that combines both formal and informal methods of mentoring. It will guide women through the steps necessary to become effective mentors. In spite of the evidence throughout Scripture that mentoring is a God-given mandate, we hesitate to step up and accept the challenge to mentor. However, the Spirit of God is beckoning for us to take the challenge to mentor others. Won't you answer God's call to mentor!
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    1. "The class gave me an opportunity to know others and to be known by developing relationships embedded in the love of God through the Holy Spirit."
      - M. Henry
    2. "This is an extraordinary opportunity to meet with women to share and encourage one another. Your sacrifice of your time will answer all your questions as you discover how loved and valuable you are to God."
      - B. Green
    3. "This mentoring group has been a life-changing event for me. It has been an experience that has drawn me closer to God than I ever imagined it would."
      - N. Rogers
    4. "Being involved in the Ladies Mentoring class has equipped and empowered me to fulfill my God-given mission. I have committed more deeply to the spiritual disciplines necessary to strengthen my faith in order to disciple others."
      - D. Hill
    5. "Jamie's mentoring class could be titled "Developing a Closer relationship With Jesus 101." I learned a better way to pray and developed a habit of prayer. She also taught the disciplines of Bible study, meditation, and fasting, and the importance of them in our lives. I had the great pleasure of getting to know wonderful women that I would not have met otherwise and experienced their love and support for me. Thank you, Jamie Massey!"
      - D. Holbrooks
    6. "Through the mentoring group, you shared a precious gift with me. Journaling has become an extraordinary blessings to me. It has helped me develop a much more intense prayer life. Thank you for the investment you made in me. It truly is being manifested in my life. I pray for you and thank you for all you do for so many."
      - K. Godwin
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